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2021 Climate Change in the Irish Mind Report

Posted by Administrator (icsusa) on Dec 14 2021
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The Report (link) Climate Change in the Irish Mind

The ‘Climate Change in the Irish Mind’ project is a baseline study of the Irish people’s beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences and behaviours regarding climate change. This work was undertaken by the EPA and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication in support of the National Dialogue on Climate Action.

The approach to the project is based on the established methodology of the “Climate Change in the American Mind” survey conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication, which was tailored to meet Ireland’s particular socio-economic context. This is the first nationally-representative survey of its kind in Ireland.

The outputs from the research will include:

  • National level baseline on attitudes and behaviours of the Irish public to climate change.
  • Segmentation of the Irish people and how they respond to climate change issues.
  • Spatial representation tools to allow the data to be presented by geographic region. The findings of this work will be used to inform and support national communications on climate change.

It will also be used by climate policy and decision makers, the research community, media and the non-governmental sector. This report ‘Climate Change is the Irish Mind’ is the first deliverable from the project. The report outlines the topline findings from the baseline survey conducted in the summer of 2021.

The report sets out the findings under three key themes of:

  1. Climate Beliefs and Attitudes;
  2. Climate Policies;
  3. Climate-Related Behaviours.

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