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To gather (scientific) data on climate parameters and to present this information in a manner which facilitates an understanding of this complicated issue by the general public.


  • Develop, compile and interpret climate change information to help bring about societal understanding.
  • Develop public awareness of the issue and request that it be addressed by our elected leaders.
  • Participate in defining a new, sustainable local economy.
  • Link State Energy Agencies with Chambers of Commerce, building professionals, and citizens.
  • Utilize existing data, and report new data as needed, to help bring about changes in perception, attitudes, and understanding that result in action.

The Team at the Institute of Climate Studies, USA

Raymond N. Johnson, PhD, Founder and Director, Chazy, NY
The scientific career of Raymond N. Johnson, Ph.D., spans more than 30 years in research and development as an organic/analytical chemist.  He is currently founder and director of the Institute of Climate Studies USA.  Dr. Johnson's articles present evidence of climate change.  The intent of these articles is to present information in a manner that facilitates an understanding of this complicated issue by the general public. Climate Science is published the first Sunday of every month both here on this site and in the Plattsburgh, New York newspaper Press-Republican.

Dr. Raymond Johnson gives science talks at public events, conferences, and to students in college and high schools on the subjects of climate change, energy innovation, and climate science.

The Institute of Climate Studies, based in Chazy, New York, was founded in 2008 as a noprofit (pending) organization.  The intent is to educate the public and encourage discussion of climate change and its impact through article publications, research, and presentations of peer-reviewed data..

Contact Ray at RayJohnson@ICSUSA.org


Scott Danville, Science Research and Content Editor, Plattsburgh, NY
Scott serves as science research and content editor for the Institute of Climate Studies, USA.  He also develops content and outreach in climate science literacy for the Institute.


Scott's recent work looks at the changing state of climate change education in U.S. schools.  Scott teaches AP Environmental and Earth sciences and has made films about the science and poiltics of climate change.


His most recent film is Halting Hades: The Moral Imperative that he filmed with his students.  Halting Hades: The Moral Imperative is available at http://www.HaltingHades.com
Contact Scott at ScottDanville@ICSUSA.org



Lauren E. Eastwood, PhD, Research Contributor, Plattsburgh, NY
Dr. Eastwood is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Her research applies sociological methods and perspectives to environmental policy issues.  She is currently a Social Science Research Council Fellow.  The SSRC-funded project, entitled "Civil Society in Environmental Governance: A Comparative Analysis of NGO Participation in UN Enviromental Policy Deliberations" compares UN-based forest, biodiverstiy, and climate policy-making processes.