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ICSUSA Articles

Institute of Climate Studies original articles about Climate Change by Raymond Johnson, PhD

These articles present evidence of climate change.  The intent of these articles is to present this information in a manner that facilitates an understanding of this complicated issue by the general public.  The author of these articles, Raymond N. Johnson, Ph.D., scientific career spanned 30 years in research and development as an organic/analytical chemist; he is currently founder and director of the Institute of Climate Studies USA (www.ICSUSA.org). Climate Science is published the first Sunday of every month both here on this site and in the Plattsburgh, New York newspaper Press-Republican.

The Institute of Climate Studies, based in Chazy, New York, was founded in 2008 as a noprofit (pending) organization.  The intent is to educate the public and encourage discussion of climate change and its impact through article publications, research, and presentations of peer-reviewed data.