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A conversation with Ray Johnson: Recent Climate Data, the Energy Transition, IPCC Report and More.” Apr. 12th at noon on Zoom


Posted by Administrator (icsusa) on Apr 12 2023

Ray attended his first climate conference in 2002 and got hooked on the science and the implications. In 2009 he managed to convince the Press Republican to publish a monthly column on Climate Science, just the science, without the politics and opinion. 168 articles and 14 years later the series of articles continue in an attempt to help inform the public about this major issue of our times. He has also given over 40 talks on the subject to any community group who is interested, and will listen, with one as recently as last month. All the articles, and hundreds of reports and other climate research information can be found on www.icsusa.org [with a sincere thanks to the webmaster Scott Danville for his efforts.]