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Drought Task Force Report

An Interpretation of the Origins of the 2012 Central Great Plains Drought.  This NOAA Drought Task Force report was produced in partnership with the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS).

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The Fossil Fuel Resistance

Read Bill McKibben's latest article in Rolling Stone describing how as the world burns, a new movement to reverse climate change is emerging - fiercely, loudly and right next door

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Amory Lovins: A 40-year plan for energy

In this intimate talk filmed at TED's offices, energy innovator Amory Lovins shows how to get the US off oil and coal by 2050, $5 trillion cheaper, with no Act of Congress, led by business for profit. The key is integrating all four energy-using sectors—and four kinds of innovation.

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Michael Mann Interview about Climate Change
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Institute of Climate Studies, USA CliChÆD Blog is maintained by Scott Danville, educator and editor of ICSUSA.org

CliChÆD Blog is a collection of Climate Change Education media and information intended to educate with solid understandings of Climate Change issues.

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